Wutra Logistics offers the best logistics solution for its customers by using the knowledge and experience of our spezialised staff within the working areas Central / South Eastern Europe & Asia

Service orientated

Motivated / enthousiastic staff
Clear communication

Wutra Logistics is always looking for the best logistics solution for its customers at a competitive price. Wutra Logistics offers a flexible solution for every request with the constant use of our years of knowledge and experience. With conviction Wutra Logistics provides the best quality and service.

Wutra Logistics takes its responsibility in the Sustainable Business, in which the fixed charter network is also involved in order to operate as environmentally neutral and efficient as possible. Due to the continuous development of the staff and the pursuit of a higher business return, the continuity and growth of Wutra Logistics is guaranteed, in which entrepreneurship and ambitions are particularly stimulated.

Wutra Logistics comply to national and international legislation and tests the logistical options before the optimal logistics solution is offered to our customers.

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